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Copacabana Dubrovnik

EVENT MENU 1 (per 1 pax)

EVENT MENU 1 (per 1 pax)

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 Menu for Private Events

  • Dalmatian Smoked Ham with Olives - 60 g

  • Grilled Mixture of Veal, Turkey, Pork Medallions -  200 g

  • Mini Burgers - 150 g
  • Grilled Chicken Thighs - 140 g

  • Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Onion - 100 g

  • Mixture of Salads - 90 g

  • Daily cake - 90 g

  • Bread rolls

Enjoy a delightful buffet-style selection featuring a variety of dishes to please every palate. Start with the rich flavors of Dalmatian smoked ham and olives, followed by a creamy vegetable risotto. The main course offers a variety of expertly grilled meats, including veal, turkey, and pork medallions, as well as succulent chicken thighs. Savor hearty baked potatoes enhanced with bacon and onion, and a refreshing assortment of mixed salads. Conclude your meal with a luscious cheesecake for a sweet and satisfying finish. This buffet ensures a balanced and memorable dining experience for all your guests at the beautiful Copacabana Beach.

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